Dear Volume (and extra-valued:) Customers,

We’re making a change to the process for ordering customized Pi Zero W kits through our website. This change allows us to offer you more flexibility in customizing your kit each time your order, and will allow us to serve you faster!

To place your next customized kit order, please do the following;

  1. Log in using the account connected to your email address. Please make sure your account is setup with ‘Re-Seller’ privileges. If you don’t see volume prices – please contact us.
  2. Add the desired number of Pi boards of your choice to the shopping cart using the following links.
    1. Pi Zero board, sku 800-1 – This private SKU allows the purchase of multiple Zero boards.
    2. Pi Zero W board, sku 808-1 – This private SKU allows the purchase of multiple Zero W boards.
    3. Pi Zero WH board, sku 1052 – The Zero W board, with the 2×20 male header strip pre-installed.
  3. Add the matching quantity of any other components to the cart. Available volume discounts for each item are displayed on the product pages. If you cannot locate any of the components – please let us know and we will promptly help.
  4. For custom card imaging or kit assembly, add the matching quantity of the following products to your cart;
    1. SD Card Imaging with Custom Software – Please see product description.
    2. Individual Kit Packaging – Select this to have your kits packaged in individual bags. Otherwise all components will be bulk-packaged.
    3. Basic Raspberry Pi Assembly Service – Select this for microSD/Board/Case assembly.
  5. Leave any required notes in the ‘Order Notes’ field of the checkout page (image URL/location for example), and pay for your order to complete it. 🙂

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues placing orders with this new process.