All products we sell are brand new and come in the original packaging (if there is any).

Products that are found Dead On Arrival (DOA) can be replaced or credited for a full refund. The problem must be reported within 7 days of receiving the order.

Products that experience failure before 30 days can be replaced or credited as ‘hardware failure’. Depending on the brand, your replacement may be obtained from or from the manufacturer. Contact us, and we’ll connect you with the appropriate option.

Products that experience failure after 30 days usually fail due to environmental conditions and use rather than hardware defects. These are not eligible for return.

Given the specifics, variety, and the remoteness of places of origin for most of our products we do not offer “change of mind” refunds, store credits, or exchanges. This helps us to keep our prices as low as possible, for you, the customer. In some cases, upon approval the products can be returned with a 15% restocking fee.

We encourage our clients to use vendors’ support forums and community boards to seek for help with issues or difficulties they might face. In most cases that’s where our support staff goes to seek answers after we have a support request/question from a customer. If you expect your product to work straight out of the box with the push of a button (even when sometimes this is the case) – you might be in the wrong place 🙂

When you need to contact us for assistance, please use the contact form to reach us by email.