Buy a Pi and join the club!

Quick Start

So, you got excited and want to get one of those NOW. Not a problem. You can pick one up at our Ottawa location or submit an order and we will ship within 24 hours. However, before you do so, read this guide and make sure you have everything you need to power it on. Here is what you will need:

1. Power supply – micro USB, 5V, 2A
Many phone chargers meet this requirement. Latest Model 2B owners using networking and high-current USB peripherals will require a supply which can provide 1.5-2A (again, many phone chargers meet this requirement). A+ owners with powered USB devices will be able to get away with a much lower current capacity (500mA feels like a reasonable safety margin).

2. Case
At this time, Raspberry Pi (both models) do not come with an official case. Most likely you will want to put it in a case, however, to protect it. We have a few different styles of case, so if the clear case linked above is not your cup of tea, just browse our Raspberry Pi selection.

3. SD Card
To boot (and in most cases, run) the RPi you need a reliable Class 10 SD Card. Though USB HD or a “stick” can “take over” after the initial boot you cannot boot without an SD card. We offer a couple different options; the OpenElec media center and the Raspbian OS.

4. HDMI to VGA/DVI adapter
You will need an adapter if you want to connect your monitor (non-HDMI) to your Raspberry Pi.

5. Keyboard & Mouse (USB)

Depending on your project you might need additional accessories like: