Xbee Sensor Shield


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The Xbee sensor expansion shield for the Arduino not only supports RS485, APC220, Bluetooth communication, and servo control but also supports SD card read/write which provides the ultimate functional expansion for the Arduino so far.


  • extension of 14 digital IO ports (12 servo interface) and power;
  • six analog IO ports and power;
  • one digital external power port terminal;
  • Digital-port external power supply and an onboard power supply automatic switching;
  • one External power input terminal and an input pin;
  • RS485 interface;
  • reset button;
  • xbee/Bluetooh Bee Bluetooth wireless data transmission interface;
  • APC220/Bluetooh V3 Bluetooth wireless data transmission interface;
  • IIC/I2C/TWI interface;
  • 3.3V output port;
  • SD card module interface


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