Volt+ D (Double) 2x60W


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A class D amplifier that is really HiFi. The Volt+D is an upgraded and up-sized version of Allo’s standalone Volt+ Amplifier. It includes all of the same high end features as the Volt+, with better THD+N, improved sound quality, and double the power. Of course the stepped attenuator is included. The available power depends on PSU voltage, formula is V square / R, so for a 23v power supply it is about 60W per channel.


  • Stereo RCA inputs
  • Using TPA3116/18 class D amplifier chip (better grounding of main IC)
  • On the bottom you can chose the gain (20 and 26)
  • Radio avoidance switch to reduce AM interference
  • Capacitance Multiplier ‘Anti-Pop’ circuit limits spikes to about 60db
  • Bootstrap snubber mod
  • Brand name components as per picture
  • PCB with extra copper (since on transient’s current can spike to 5A)


  • 2 x 60W Dual mono class D
  • Mute switch
  • 20dB/26dB gain switch
  • Power Connector Jack Barrel size: 3.00mm ID (0.118″), 6.50mm OD (0.256″)
  • Gold plated RCA and Speaker terminals10K 24 position stepped attenuator
  • 5mm acrylic case