Triple GPIO Expansion Board


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This triple GPIO multiplexing expansion plate is perfect for sharing GPIO pins between applications and circuits! It’s often fiddly to combine multiple breakout boards onto the standard single Pi GPIO header, but with the expansion plate, it’s a breeze. Simply plug the replicator board into your Pi and plug any additional circuits or breakout boards into additional headers! This board is fully assembled and comes with 3 x 40 Pin headers, so you’ll have up to 4 x 40 Pin GPIO arrays to add “stuff” to your Raspberry Pi B+/2/3/Zero/ZeroW.

The product comes fully assembled with our push-fit “plug & play” Single Shroud Header, Socket Header, and 14mm HAT Mounting Kit, so there’s no soldering required.

ModMyPi Triple GPIO Expansion Board

  • Triple 40 Pin GPIO Header Multiplexor
  • HAT Compliant Layout
  • Uses SMT Socket Header & 40 Pin Extra Tall “Single Shroud” Header
  • Includes 14mm Mounting Kit
  • Fully Assembled – No Soldering Required
  • Stackable
  • Fully Labelled GPIO Silkscreen
  • 3 x 40 Pin Breakout Array (2 x 20) with pre-soldered Raspberry Pi header’s