Stickvise – The low profile PCB vise


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Hold your PCB flat
Give your arms a rest! Stickvise holds your circuit board flat so you can solder with stability at table level.

Simple Design
No half baked features, Stickvise just holds a circuit board in a simple intuitive way.

Have a special application? 3D print custom jaw plates or choose from many more tested mods to make Stickvise work for your application.


How it works

How it works
The movable jaw can slide to any position along the shaft.

How it works2
To grab a circuit board, gently squeeze the jaws against board edges.

How it works3
Tighten wing nut to fix the movable jaw

How it works4
Easily take circuit board in and out of spring loaded jaws



Stickvise is designed with simple, high quality parts. The jaws are machined, bead blasted and anodized aluminum. The jaw plates are made with insulating Nylon 6/6. All all other components are metric standard sizes.

Outside dimensions

This is the size of the default Stickvise:

Keep in mind that a longer, wider or taller version can easily be created. Checkout the section on hacking your vise for details.


Holding capacity

  • Max opening: 6.14″ (155mm)
  • Room above shaft: .29″ (7.4mm)
  • Room above table: .63″ (15.9mm)

Vise mounting specifications

Stickvise can be mounted using M3 machine screws:



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