SD Card w/Raspbian for Robots


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This 4 GB microSD Card for the Raspberry Pi comes with the Dexter Industries custom “Raspbian for Robots” software. This includes all of the software you need to make your Raspberry Pi  work with all of our products.

The easiest way to get started with our Raspberry Pi products is to get this SD card that comes pre-configured with our custom software.

Raspberry Pi uses an SD card as the hard drive of the computer. It is similar to the SD card that is used in your digital camera, but Raspberry Pi B+ and 2 require a microSD card, which is a smaller version than your standard SD card. The SD card needs software on it in order to run the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has developed software for the Pi called “Raspbian”, and you can download it for free on their website. Dexter Industries has modified that software to work with all of our products and it is called “Rasbian for Robots”, and it is also free to download online.

The Dexter Industries SD Card w/Raspbian for Robots comes with a microSD card inside of a standard card adapter.


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