Screenly Open Source Edition Digital Signage Starter Kit

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Small cast. Big show. Screenly is Digital Signage made easy.

This starter kit, in association with Screenly, offers Full HD video and images on your TV screens, powered by a single Raspberry Pi and the revolutionary Screenly software stack.

Screenly is software that runs on the tiny Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer for an unbelievable price. From such a small package, Screenly delivers amazing performance. It’ll play flawless full 1080p HD video, render web content and more. With Screenly and £60 worth of hardware, you can turn any modern TV or monitor into a vibrant digital sign. Screenly can be used for anything from displaying advertisement to live dashboards with system status and in-store infomercials.

Screenly OSE, or Open Source Edition, is a free version of Screenly which is backed by the community and maintained by WireLoad. All you need to get started is a Raspberry Pi and a TV.

We are working with Screenly as their preferred hardware distributor in Canada to provide the ideal kit that will come pre-loaded with Screenly’s revolutionary software to bring its digital signage capabilities to your screens.

Each kit will come pre-assembled for your extra convenience, and will include:


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