Riitek Ultra Mini Wireless Keyboard with Mouse Pad – No Laser Pointer

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Easily the best looking and most functional Mini Wireless Mouse and Keyboard on the market, the Riitek RT-MWK01X1 Ultra Mini Keyboard is the perfect option for your Raspberry Pi XBMC or slim-line set-up! It’s been tested for full compatibility, and comes equipped with a tiny, low-current nano dongle, so there’s no messy wires to trip over. This is an official Riitek product, not one of the many lousy imitation products that are on the market. It also features an internal rechargeable battery and USB cable, so just charge it up and you’re ready to go!

We selected the Ultra Mini Keyboard because of the neat arrow keypad, which makes commanding XBMC and traversing the Raspberry Pi console a breeze. The keyboard is soft-touch with excellent tactile feedback (not the type that gets stuck!), so it’s both comfortable and intuitive to type on. The trackpad is sensitive enough to control across large resolutions, but not so sensitive that you need a pin to aim it. It’s also positioned so you won’t accidentally brush it when you’re typing.

The whole unit fits neatly and comfortably in two hands for typing, and is the same size and shape of a standard TV remote control (it’s actually a little smaller than most), so can effortlessly slide into your sofa setup!

The Riitek RT-MWK01X1 Ultra Mini Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Features:

  • Tested for compatibility with the Raspberry Pi.
  • Plug and Play (No Installation Required) with all current Raspberry Pi Operating Systems inc. Raspian, XBMC and OpenELEC
  • Require’s only one USB port to operate the mouse and touchpad simultaneously.
  • Does NOT require external power – Nano Dongle Utilises Just 21.5mA
  • Does NOT require batteries! – This is a rechargable unit, and comes with mini usb cable that can be charged via your Raspberry Pi!
  • Standby Time – 500 – 700 hours
  • Riitek RT-MWK01X1
  • High Sensitivity ‘Notebook Style’ Touch-Pad.
  • QWERTY Keyboard Layout (UK)
  • Soft-Touch Tactile Feedback Keyboard.
  • 2.4Ghz wireless technology for increased wireless range (up to 10 Metres)
  • Nano wireless USB receiver can be stored easily and can be left plugged into your Pi without protruding or being damaged.
  • Button Life: 1.5 Million Presses
  • Dimensions: 151mm x 59mm x 12.5xx

Product Note

Nano Dongle Situated Inside the keyboard, slot is above the mouse pad.