Raspberry Pi Youtube Workshop Kit




The Raspberry Pi YouTube Workshop kits is a selection of components that was chosen to accompany a series of step-by-step video tutorial posted on YouTube. It demonstrates how to use the Raspberry Pi’s inputs and outputs, and how to program using Python to control the Pi’s hardware. In the 9 tutorials you will learn to light LEDs, take readings from digital and analog sensors, and make the Pi respond to user and hardware inputs.  Following these tutorials will prepare you to create more complex programs on your own.

This kit includes everything you need to complete the 9 GPIO tutorials from start to finish! Including a breadboard, jumper wires, resistors, and capacitors so that you can recreate the circuits correctly. The YouTube kit is perfect for beginners and educators that want to tinker with the Raspberry Pi as there is a lot of support documentation available to ensure that all of your projects are successful.

These tutorials are exceptionally well made, with easy to follow videos, wiring diagrams, downloadable code, and online written instructions. This latest version has been updated for the Raspberry Pi 3B, and is a collaborative effort between ModMyPi, BuyaPi.ca, and PiShop.us!

Each RPi Youtube Workshop Kit Includes

1  x  Half-Size Clear Breadboard
15  x  Male to Female Jumper Wires
5  x  Male to Male Jumper Wires
1  x  Ultra Bright 5mm Red LED
1  x  Ultra Bright 5mm Blue LED
2  x  330Ω Resistor
2  x  4.7kΩ Resistor
1  x  1µF Capacitor
1  x  PCB Mount Push Button
1  x  PCB Mount Buzzer
1  x  DS18B20+ Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
1  x  Light Dependent Resistor
1  x  HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor


YouTube Workshop Kit Tutorials
NOW UPDATED for Raspberry Pi 3B

Watch the nine-video playlist on YouTube, or access individual videos and resources below.

Download all of the python code files here, or copy and paste the code from the comments section of each video or online tutorial.

Raspberry Pi – GPIO & Python (1/9) – Hello World

Raspberry Pi – GPIO & Python (2/9) – LED On & Off

Raspberry Pi – GPIO & Python (3/9) – LED Blink

Raspberry Pi – GPIO & Python (4/9) – Push Button

Raspberry Pi – GPIO & Python (5/9) – User Inputs

Raspberry Pi – GPIO & Python (6/9) – SOS Buzzer

Raspberry Pi – GPIO & Python (7/9) – Temperature Sensor

Raspberry Pi – GPIO & Python (8/9) – Light Dependent Resistor

Raspberry Pi – GPIO & Python (9/9) – Passive Infrared Sensor





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