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The new Pi3B+ board features the same processor as before, however it’s configured differently in the firmware. This means that previous OS images that you ran on your Pi3B will not run on the new processor!

Raspbian is the first OS to be updated, as the Raspberry Pi Foundation provided a new release on the same day as the Pi3B+ board. You can find that new version here. Please also see this link for general instructions on how to avoid the common pitfalls of writing the image file to the microSD card.

Other OS’s will be updated, but they didn’t have advance notice of the new board model, so they now have to catch up. Please check with the developer of the OS you’re interested in to see if they list a release date.

If this is your first Pi or meant to be gifted, please see our Raspberry Pi Kit – Quick Start Guide.

We offer a range of kits to suit your Raspberry Pi needs, including this 3B+ Budget Kit. We also have 3B+ Starter Kit.

Our budget kit is ideal for those that:

  • Know which OS/Distro image they want to load on their Pi
  • Are DIYers


All you will need is to load an OS/Distro image on a compatible micro SD card (or pick one from our store: Raspbian, XBMC/Kodi, or NOOBS), and connect your Pi to an HDMI capable monitor or a TV with HDMI cable (not included).

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