littleBits Expansion Pack – Light It

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If you’re looking to get flashy, this Light It pack will make your littleBits library shine. It contains five of the brightest output Bits modules, and is the perfect way to add more visual impact to your creations.

Like all Expansion Packs, the Light It Pack takes your Bit collection to the next level. Expansion Packs are intended for Bitsters who already have a Kit or Bundle, and do not come with a power Bit. These packs are a great way to grow your library at a discount compared to purchasing the Bits modules separately.


  • Bargraph
  • LED
  • UV LED

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Each module in this pack is packaged individually in a clear ESD bag. All Bits modules will ship together in a single box.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions (mm): 7.6(H) x 12.7(W) x 17.8(D)
  • Product Weight: 0.24 lbs (0.11 kg)
  • Recommended Age: 8+