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Let us present Allo’s Katana master DAC based on the ESS SABRE 9038 chipset. It is Allo’s highest performance DAC yet, compatible with Raspberry Pi models 2B, 3B, and 3B+!

The KATANA stack consists of 3 boards plugged into the 40 pin GPIO header of the RPI.

  1. KATANA BOARD: houses the ESS9038 DAC circuits and ultra low phase noise NDK oscillators for
    MCLK (clock generation, master DAC).
  2. KATANA OPAMP BOARD: this is the analog output stage where all the discrete OP-amps circuits
    on analog output stage are for left and right channels (XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced) .
  3. KATANA MICRO CONTROLLER BOARD : It controls the functionality of the DAC with the
    preloaded firmware. The Micro Controller receives all the configuration parameters for the DAC from the
    RPI through I2C interface. It also receives the 5V power input and thanks to the onboard DC to DC
    converter it feeds +/- 14V to the OPAMP below.

Please note that a case for this DAC is not yet available, but it is in the works.


  • Possibility to wire balanced XLR output
  • Board mounted RCA output connectors
  • ESS SABRE 9038Q2M DAC chip
  • THD+N (1Khz, 0 dbfs, a weighted) at -112.75
  • Ready to use with DietPi, Volumio. By end of July: Max2Play, Picoreplayer, Moode and more.


RPi 2B
RPi 3B
RPi 3B+
Isolator **new model coming soon**