JY-MCU Mini_RTC DS1307 Arduino Compatible Time Clock Module

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  • DS1307 real-time clock chip (IIC interface rate 100KHz)
  • Onboard AT24C32 IIC interface EEPROM memory
  • Use 32.768KHz 20ppm accuracy of the crystal, and reliable grounding fixed
  • Welding CR927 non-rechargeable 3V battery
  • Input power to join the anti-reverse diode reversed power power does not burn circuit
  • Set the power indicator
  • Reserve DS18B20 temperature sensor interface
  • Leads SQW / OUT interface, you can set the output four frequency square wave
  • IIC devices can be cascaded, pins welded
  • Includes a 24C32 32K I2C EEPROM which is also accessible via I2C
  • Has a position for a DS18B20 Temperature Sensor to be soldered in



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