Infra-red Multimedia Remote with USB Receiver


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This is a multimedia remote for any PC or Raspberry Pi. It works through infra-red with an infra-red receiver (up to 18 meters of range) that is plugged into one of the Pi’s USB ports.

What makes this remote special is that it looks like a standard TV remote yet it includes a mouse, a keyboard, multimedia specific hot keys (such as full screen), and 12 programmable hot keys. This makes it the perfect companion to a Raspberry Pi running XBMC as it will give you full control of all the XBMC functions without needing to have a full keyboard and mouse setup. This makes it easier to store this remote along with all of the other remotes typically associated with a TV while still giving you all the versatility you need.

Key Features:

Allows the user to emulate keyboard and a mouse actions
Includes buttons preprogrammed for handy features such as; Full Screen, Desktop, Close, Power on and Off
12 programable hotkeys
Includes Batteries (CR2032)
Includes One Remote and One Reciever
Transmision Distance of 18 Meters
Reciever includes self winding cable that extends to 76cm
Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, MCE, Vista, etc

Dimensions: Depth 11mm, Height 122mm, Width 51mm, Weight 46g


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