HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro

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Product Description

For many users the existing Digi+ will still be the right choice, but if you’re looking for the best Digi+ you can buy, the new Digi+ Pro is the one for you. It is based on the existing Digi+ with the following improvements:

  • 2 separate oscillators for 44.1 and 48kHz provide the optimal clock frequencies for all sample rates
  • gold-plated RCA connector
  • I2S output connector (soldering necessary)
  • you can power the 5V part of the circuit and the 3.3V part of the circuit from an external power supply (soldering necessary)
  • you can add a BNC connector (soldering necessary)

HiFiBerry is currently offering beta testing for this product, so it is not available for sale yet through BuyaPi.ca. If you’d like to know when they’re available for purchase, please subscribe to the waitlist above!


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