HDMI to DVI Adapter

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Want to hook your Raspberry Pi up to your monitor, but you don’t have a HDMI input? With this adapter that’s not a problem!With a rugged build this adapter, when coupled with an HDMI noodle, means you can now connect to your monitors DVI input. Also, as DVI supports higher resolutions you won’t be sacrificing image quality! Note: this is a DVI-D adapter only, please check your monitors input before purchasing.

This adapter converts HDMI Male to DVI Male Single (Digital) Link connector. Gold Plated. As the HDMI standard is SINGLE LINK, an HDMI signal can ONLY be converted to a DVI Digital Single link type (18pin + 1 blade) technology. In other words, there is no such adapter as “HDMI Single Link to DVI Dual Link”.

Note: DVI does NOT support digital audio. Thus, when using this adaptor to convert from HDMI (which does support audio) to DVI-D, the audio portion of the connection is not provided. Do not attempt to use this adapter to convert HDMI to DVI (a digital conversion) and then the use of another adapter to convert DVI-A (analog) to VGA. It will NOT work due to incompatible technolgies. (ie HDMI –> DVI –> VGA. This will NOT work!).

  • HDMI Type A Female (Standard)
  • DVI-D 24pin + Blade Male