Electronics Kit for Arduino

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The Kit is designed to be used with your Arduino. It contains everything needed for a first-time user to connect their computer to an Arduino and includes many of the most popular accessories for DIY projects. Breadboard, Jumper wires, Color Led, Resistors, Buzzer, etc., all of this comes in its own handy box for easy transportation and minimal clutter.


Kit contents:

1 x Box
1 x 830 holes Breadboard
50 x Breadboard Jumper (20cm-cable)
10 x Yellow LEDs
10 x Red LEDs
10 x Blue LEDs
10 x Green LEDs
10 x 220R Resistors
10 x 1K Resistors
10 x 10K Resistors
10 x 10nF Ceramic capacitors
10 x 100NF Ceramic capacitors
10 x 100uF Electrolytic capacitor
2 x Tilt switches
2 x Thermistors
2 x Photoresistors
2 x Diodes
2 x Buzzers
1 x Flame sensor
1 x Temperature sensor
1 x 1-digit tube
1 x 4-digit tube
1 x 74HC595
4 x Buttons
1 x Servo 9 g (25cm-cable)
1 x 10K Precision Potentiometer
1 x 40-pin
1 x Resistance card
1 x Acrylic plate