ElecFreaks Micro:bit Tinker Kit (without micro:bit board)



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ElecFreaks Micro:bit Tinker Kit is a set of accessories for the micro:bit that allows you to connect all kinds of modules easily without a group of messy breadboard wires.

Tutorials are available!


Crystal Battery Box – 2 x AAA 1
Elecfreaks Micro:bit Breakout Board 1
Micro-B USB Cable 1
OLED Display 1
Mini Servo(1.6kg) 1
Octopus PIR sensor Brick 1
Octopus Soil Moisture Sensor Brick 1
Octopus ADKeypad 1
Octopus Crash Sensor Brick 1
Octopus Passive buzzer Brick OBPB01 1
Octopus 5mm LED Brick OBLED – Red 1
Octopus 5mm LED Brick – Green 1
Octopus 5mm LED Brick OBLED – Blue 1
Octopus Analog Rotation Brick OBARot 1