Dual Supply for Raspberry Pi


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Dual Supply for Raspberry Pi (A+/B+/2B/3B/3B+)

Power from each Micro USB connector goes via a MOSFET “Ideal Diode” which is then connected directly to the Micro USB socket on the Raspberry Pi.

Data pins are not connected from either Micro USB port (as they are not used on the Raspberry Pi).

The ideal diode prevents power from being fed back into either Micro USB port (power supply). It will draw power from the supply with the highest voltage and if the voltages equalize (due to the current draw) it will share the load on the power supplies connected to both Micro USB connectors (droop method).

Can be used to:

  • Create a redundant power supply for a Raspberry Pi (using any mix of mains/battery USB supplies).
  • Load share with multiple supplies with a similar specification (droop method).
  • Keep your Pi (or other USB powered devices) running whilst switching between power supplies.
  • Add Ideal Diode back to Raspberry Pi 3B+ to prevent issues with back powering from HAT (the ideal diode has been removed from this model).
  • The adaptor has been tested to 3 amps but we would advise keeping it to 2 amps under normal use.

Please Note:

  • PCB and LED color may vary.
  • Raspberry Pi/ test equipment (Load/PSU/adapters/etc) not included.