CodeBug – Programmable Wearable Computer Board

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CodeBug™, the cute, programmable and wearable device designed to introduce simple programming and electronic concepts to anyone, at any age.


We also have kits: The CodeBug Kit, Wearables Kit (Red or Black), Educational 5 Pack, and Experimenter Kit!

CodeBug™ is a fun, engaging, entry-­level introduction to coding, physical computing and electronics.

In just a few clicks you can program the versatile little CodeBug™ wearable computer to display your own message. And you’ll be sure to get everyone’s attention when you pin your customized, flashing CodeBug™ to your clothes!


● Introductory platform for learning programming and electronics
● Wearable projects
● Scrolling message display
● Plugs on Raspberry Pi GPIO as add­on,
● Ideal for Twitter, Facebook and Minecraft etc. notifications
● Digital crafts – create interactive greetings cards, key rings, board games and more
● Create handheld digital games
● Starting point for Internet of Things devices
● Versatile Input/Output interface – connect lights, switches, sensors, motors and more
● Provides connectivity to desktop computers in tethered mode
● Add touch sensitive inputs to your computer (similar to MaKey MaKey™)


● Simple and quick to get started – just plug in and program!
● 25 Red LED grid
● 2 user buttons
● CR2032 Battery holder for power
● 6 croc­clippable/banana­pluggable leg terminals
● Touch sensitive inputs
● Drag and drop programming from web browser
● Online support, community and educational tutorials
● Appears as a USB drive – no drivers to install
● Windows, Mac and Linux compatible
● Can be used with CodeBug™ add on modules (Tails) for expansion
● Can be tethered to be controlled from a computer or tablet
● Micro USB connector

Technical Specifications:

● Power: 3V from battery or 5V from USB
● Micro USB for programming and power
● Optional CR2032 coin battery powered
● Approx 39mm wide x 47mm high
● PCB thickness 1.7mm
● Thickness including battery holder and buttons 9.8mm
● I/O Sink/Source 25mA
● Expansion header including I2C/SPI/UART
● By default, sleeps after 3 minutes to conserve energy

Visit CodeBug’s Official Site for activities and projects!


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