Arduino Compatible Tap/Knock Sensor

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This is a digital Tap/Knock sensor on a small circuit board that is designed to work with all of the Arduino boards. It is easy to incorporate into any project requiring only a 5v supply, ground, and a digital input to measure the sensors readings (High or Low). This sensor can be used to monitor vibrations, taps, knocks, drops, or most any other short sharp motions of the sensor so that your Arduino can react to these motion shocks. The output is digital and only displays an output if the sensor has been triggered, it does not let you know how hard the tap or knock was. This sensor is less sensitive than our other tap/knock sensor and works better as a tap sensor than a knock sensor. For example this sensor can be used to ring a buzzer when it is triggered using an Arduino.

Key Features:

Includes the sensor and connector cable
Working voltage: DC 3.0-5.0V
Digital Output works with one of the Arduino’s digital pins
LED on the PCB indicates when a tap/knock was sensed
Single Channel Single Output
Quick response, long life and reliable stability
2 Mounting holes on the PCB

Dimensions: Depth 9.4mm, Height 29.9mm, Width 21.2mm, Weight 4.8g



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