Arduino Compatible Smoke/Gas Sensor Module

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This is a smoke and gas sensor on a small circuit board that is designed to work with all of the Arduino boards. It is easy to incorporate into any project requiring only a 5v supply, ground, and an analog input to measure the sensors readings. It can be used to detect any number of gasses or smoke and would be ideal for use in homes where gas build-up can occur (for example in garages with welders) or on search and rescue robots.

Key Features:

Includes the sensor and connector cable
Main chip: LM393, ZYMQ-2 gas sensor
Trim pot on the sensor board to calibrate sensor sensitivity
Working voltage: DC 5V
With LED signal output indicator
Dual signal output: AO output & TTL level
TTL output effective signal: low level (the LED light on, can connect to the microcontroller directly)
0~5V analog output voltage, the higher the concentration the higher the voltage
Quick response, long life and reliable stability
High sensitivity to liquid gas, natural gas, coal gas, etc.
2 Mounting holes on the PCB

Dimensions: Depth 17.7mm, Height 42.9mm, Width 21.5mm, Weight 9.2g

Sensor Data Sheet:


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