Arduino Compatible Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module (DHT11) (With Indicator LED)


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This is a digital temperature and humidity sensor module that works with all of the Arduino micro-controllers. Because it is a digital sensor it only necessitates 3 connections, Vcc, GND, and a digital pin for data output. With this sensor you get two measurements (humidity and temp) while only using one digital pin on the Arduino! This sensor would be perfect for creating an HVAC control system or for controlling something like a food dehydrator.

The difference between this humidity and temperature sensor and our other one is that this one has an indicator LED to let you know when data is being transferred.

This humidity and temperature sensor is very popular and has an Arduino Library dedicated to it. Find out how to use this sensor here!

Key Features:

Sensor is composed of a resistive humidity sensing component and an NTC temperature testing component and connect with 8-byte MCU
MCU outputs a digital code
Connections; GND, Vcc, and Signal
3.3-5 Volt opperating voltage
Fast response and great anti-interference capability
Durable and long lasting sensor
Humidity range: 20-90%RH
Temperature range: 0-50 degrees C
Very accurate sensor but not very precise (The correct humidity is measured but only in integers)
Based on the DHT11 sensor architecture

Dimensions: Depth 12mm, Height 7mm, Width 36mm, Weight 5.0g

Note: It doesn’t work well with Raspberry Pi. Due to the very sensitive time requirements for capturing the data.
With Arduinos work great; raspberryPi’s with its linux system isn’t meant for realtime capture of data.


Configuring the DHT11 with Raspberry Pi


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