Arduino Compatible Analog Light Sensor


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This is an analog light sensor on a small circuit board that is designed to work with all of the Arduino boards. It is easy to incorporate into any project requiring only a 5v supply, ground, and an analog input to measure the sensors readings.  . This sensor can be used to monitor the amount of light in a room or the brightness of a light of so that your Arduino can react to light level changes. For example it can control the brightness of LEDs depending on how light it is in a room dimming them as it gets darker so that they do not become blinding.

Key Features:

Includes the sensor and connector cable
Working voltage: DC 3.0-5.5V
0~5V analog output voltage, the higher the temperature the higher the voltage
Quick response, long life and reliable stability
2 Mounting holes on the PCB

Dimensions: Depth 9.4mm, Height 30.2mm, Width 21.0mm, Weight 4.7g



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