Adafruit BBB Case – Enclosure for Beagle Bone Black


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Using this case is very easy and works with Beagle Bone Black (not for original BB!) Snap the BBB into the case bottom for a secure press-fit. If you want to poke around you can leave the top cover off. If you want to protect your Bone, fit the cover on, it will fit securely so you can put the Bone into your book-bag or briefcase without worry. All cables can be plugged in, there’s even a little divot so you can pop the optional microSD card in and out.

The way Adafruit designed the top/bottom split, the bottom half is right at the female expansion header’s height. That means you can remove the clear top and place shields on top, even ones that are larger than the BBB itself, and the bottom will provide protection and clearance

Some MicroHDMI cables have rubber moldings that are a little long, and interfere with the MicroHDMI slot seating well. If you find that you can’t get an HDMI connection while its in the case, carefully sand/file/cut about 1mm off the rubber molding so that the MicroHDMI connector is a little longer.

Does not come with a Beagle Bone Black (but we do have them in the store, so you can pick one up!)


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