Adafruit Arcade Bonnet for Raspberry Pi with JST Connectors – Mini Kit


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Playing retro games is easy on a Raspberry Pi – and that pocket-sized computer is pretty good at it too! All you need is a little help to connect buttons and a joystick up and you can custom design your own arcade console, desktop or stand-up machine, even just a simple controller box. It makes for a fun weekend project that will last all year.

This Adafruit Arcade Bonnet is designed to make small emulator projects a little easier to build. Here’s what you can look forward to!

  • It is the same size as a Pi Zero, so for really compact builds, this is super small. You can also use it with a Pi 2, 3, B+ or any 2×20 connector Pi.
  • It has JST sockets so you can plug in six arcade buttons easily using Adafruit’s quick connects.
  • Header breakouts for use with both clicky-type switched joysticks and…
  • Header breakout and converter for using analog-type joysticks or thumbsticks with potentiometers inside.
  • A 3W digital speaker output that can drive 4-8 ohm speakers for when using with a TV output, audio-less HDMI display or PiTFT. Works even when the Pi doesn’t have a headphone jack!
  • Switches are all managed with an I2C-GPIO converter with interrupt out. The converter is very fast and frees up all the pins so you can use this Bonnet with a PiTFT or any other accessory/device that uses a lot of pins!

This item as sold as a mini-kit, with a Bonnet and headers that need to be soldered in to attach it to a Raspberry Pi! It only takes a few minutes but soldering iron and solder are required.

It also does not come with any of the extras, so you can choose which buttons/joysticks/speaker you want! Here is a list of Adafruit items you can use:


  • Small Arcade Joystick
  • Mini Analog Joystick
  • Assembled 2 Axis Joystick
  • Analog Thumbstick
  • 2 Axis Joystick
  • PSP Analog Joystick
  • PSP3000 Analog Joystick

To connect them, you may want some Female jumper wires.


  • 4 ohm 3 Watt speaker
  • 8 ohm 1 Watt speaker
  • Mono enclosed speaker
  • Mini Metal speaker (may need to turn the volume down in Emulation station)
  • Thin Plastic speaker (may need to turn the volume down in Emulation station)

Arcade Buttons:

  • The JST connectors on the Bonnet mate perfectly with Adafruit’s quick-connects.
  • Any of Adafruit’s Arcade buttons will work. You can use any switch you like, really – doesn’t even need to be a button!

Note: Raspberry Pi, arcade buttons, joysticks, speaker, display, and quick-connect wires are NOT included, and must be purchased separately.

Once you’ve picked out all your buttons and joysticks and stuff, check out Adafruit’s Getting-started guide to help you get going!

Technical Details

Unassembled Dimensions: 65.2mm x 30mm x 7.7mm / 2.6″ x 1.2″ x 0.3″

Unassembled Weight: 9.2g / 0.33oz


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