Acrylic Case for HackRF One


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Official clear case for the Great Scott Gadgets HackRF One, for the bare HackRF One card or to replace the black plastic case of the HackRF.

Assembly Instructions

Warning: Do not overtighten! Hand-tighten only at every step.

  1. Use a guitar pick or spudger to extract the HackRF One circuit board from the black plastic case.
  2. Insert one long screw into each corner of the bottom acrylic panel. Secure each long screw with a short (5 mm) spacer on the opposite side of the panel.
  3. Place the HackRF One circuit board (facing up) on top of the bottom panel, fitting the ends of the long screws through the corner mounting holes of the circuit board.
  4. Secure the circuit board with one long (6 mm) spacer in each corner.
  5. Place the top acrylic panel on top of the circuit board, aligning the cutouts with the circuit board’s expansion headers.
  6. Secure each corner with a short screw.