5-inch 800×480 TFT LCD MCU Interface Display Module


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Strong anti-interference ability. The module uses the driving scheme of CPLD + SDRAM, which far more superior than SSD1963 and RA8875. Solve the problem of bad immunity, death and white screen from SSD1963.

Good simplicity. Not need an initializer, what have to do is reset can start work. You can use 5 register command to control it. Greatly simplifies the program code, reduce degree of difficulty of debugging the program and error probability.

Fast speed. The respond speed of W/R cycle can be up to 200ns. The fastest full screen refresh rate is 13 frames. 8M SDRAM correspond to 8 pages display cache. The display registers and RW one is set independently. Display page and RW page also can be in which data can be written in the background. Just using one command to change screenful display data instantly. Far more superior than RA8875.

Good display effect. TFT drive timing and circuit design have been optimized to ensure accurate color reduction, display a stable, eliminate flicker or channeling color and offers LED backlight driver, you can adjust the brightness from 0 (off) to 16 (fully open).


5 inch TFT LCD Display Module
Using CPLD + SDRAM drive RGB interface display (far more superior than SSD1963 and RA8875)
8080 timing 16-bit parallel bus interface
Resolution 800 x 480
16M color display
Integrated 8 page memory (can be used as extended memory when redundant)
Background write data
No need to initialize
Support 51, AVR, STM32 and other types SCM drive directly
Provides a series of practical features when convert between bus and RGB interface

Interface Definition:

Num. Name Description
1 GND Ground
2 3.3V Positive power supply 3.3V
3 NC Empty
4 RS data / command switch
5 WR Write Data Clock
6 RD Read Data Clock
7-14 DB8-DB15 Upper 8-Bit Data Bus
15 CS Chip Select
16 F_CS FLASH Chip Select (module aside FLASH chip W25X16, default is not affixed to pieces, do reserve purposes)
17 REST Reset (reset operation procedure: pull low, sustained 8ms; then pull high, sustained 8ms)
18 NC Empty
19 LED_A Backlight control (factory default backlight is controlled by program, 0-16 level adjustable backlight brightness, without LED_A control, if required LED_A manual control, from Backlight Control position to modify resistor pad jumpers can be changed to LED_A manual control, when using manual control, LED_A connect high-backlight light, low-backlight extinguish, the PWM signal is adjustable brightness)
20 NC Empty
21-28 DB0-DB7 Lower 8-bit data bus
29 T_CLK The touch controller (XPT2046) Clock
30 T_CS The touch controller (XPT2046) Chip Select
31 T_DIN Data Entry (ie MOSI)
32 NC Empty
33 T_DO Data Out (ie MISO)
34 T_IRQ Data Interrupt (usually high, touch low)
36 SD_CLK Clock
38 SD_CS Chip Select
39 NC Empty
40 NC Empty

Electrical Characteristics:

Item Minimum voltage (V) The maximum voltage (V) Current (MA) Remark
VCC(3.3V) 3.2 3.6 500 Module Power
IO (data interface) 3.2 3.6 Data port

Warning: All data port voltage can not exceed 3.6V !!!

Register List:

CS RS DATA[15:0] WR RD Fucntion
0 0 0x0001 0 X Address points to backlight brightness register
0 1 0-16 0 X Backlight luminance value (default: 0)
0 0 0x0002 0 X Address points to the start line address register
0 1 0-479 0 X Written nine starting line address
0 0 0x0003 0 X Address points to the start line address register
0 1 0-799 0 X Written ten starting line address
0 0 0x0006 0 X Address points to end line address register
0 1 0-479 0 X Written nine ending line address
0 0 0x0007 0 X Address points to end line address register
0 1 0-799 0 X Written ten ending line address
0 0 0x0004 0 X Display page register
0 1 0-7 0 X Write (set) displayed page address (default 0 page)
0 0 0x0005 0 X Read/write page register
0 1 0-7 0 X Write (set) the current read/write page address (default 0 page)
0 0 0x000B 0 X Hibernation register
0 1 0x0000-0x0001 0 X 0x0001- into hibernation
(Entering hibernation as long as any reader command can exit hibernation.)
0 0 0x000F 0 X Address points to data channel
0 1 0x0000-0xFFFF 0 X Writing data to the control board
0 0 0xXXXX 1 0 Read-out RAM data
1 X X X X No strobe

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