1-Channel Remote Controller Relay Board with Wireless IR Control – 12V

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1-Channel Remote Controller Self Lock Switch Relay Board Wireless IR Control – 12V

Product Description

Operating Voltage:DC 12V
Remote Distance:8m
LED indicator
With 3mm fixed screw holes, it’s easy to install.
Module Interface:VIN+ power supply anode 9-13V, GND-power suply cathode
The middle of three ports is public,it can be normally open and normally closed output with the others.
The circuit is insulaged before the replay’s output and input.
Remote Controller make use of UPD6122 chip and NED coding format, frequency is 38K
Remote Controller User Code:OxOOFF
Key Value:”ON”—40, “OFF”—19
Relay Size:5(L)X2(W)x1.8(H)cm
Remote Controller Size:4(L)X0.7(W)x8.5(H)cm