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About Dangerous Prototypes

Open Source: Everything associated with their projects is available to reuse and remix in your own projects. Not just the files for circuit boards and source code, but also the project documentation, illustrations (and original source files), blog posts, and more. They even publish the ‘product integration’ package they use to manufacture the hardware – use it to make and sell your own.

Ian Lesnet has been making things and writing about them for years. He published projects at SourceForge and Instructables, and later as a paid contributor at DIY Life and Hack a Day. The first batch of Bus Pirates were produced as a fundraiser for Hack a Day. It was a lot of fun, so Ian started Dangerous Prototypes to sell future projects.

For a long time it was just Ian, soldering everything on the kitchen table. Ian still solders every prototype on the kitchen table, but about 8 paid contributors help with the blog, servers, PCBs, and business stuff. They’re decentralized and global – coming from Asia, Europe, and North America.

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