BuyaPi is the exclusive Canadian distributor of CodeBug™. CodeBug is a fun, engaging, wearable, entry-­level introduction to coding, physical computing and electronics. This is one of the easiest and most flexible products we’ve ever seen in this category. Connect it to computer for instant driver-less connectivity. Quickly create custom programs on the CodeBug website, and drop them onto the Codebug. Unplug, and roam on battery power, even wearing Codebug on your clothes!

Check out the huge range of applications for CodeBug:

Learning to code Wearable projects
Scrolling message display Raspberry Pi GPIO add-on
Social media notifications Digital crafts
Handheld digital games IoT starting point
Versatile input/output interface Touch-sensitive computer inputs

About CodeBug

The CodeBug team are makers and inventors that are passionate about technology, science and education. The team have a rich history of building gadgets and gizmos that inspire young people; their bullet-time camera rig has featured in The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures and Blue Peter! The team are also responsible for developing the best selling Raspberry Pi add-ons, the PiFace range, and associated educational resources. CodeBug was developed in collaboration with FabLab Manchester, and was initally funded on Kickstarter.

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