About Allo

Allo was established in Bangalore India in 2007,  and designs, develops and manufactures VOIP hardware (digital telephony cards, VOIP Gateways, PBXs), as well as network and communication security devices (United Threat Managers, Session Border Controllers and SIP Threat Managers). Recently, they also launched their own single board computer (Sparky SBC), as well as add-on boards for audio, networking, and telecom that work with the Raspberry Pi or Sparky SBC’s.

Allo caters not only to the needs of telecom companies, but also to music lovers worldwide. Their Audio add-on boards for single board computers are part of their flagship product line, and are considered to be game changers by the international audiophile community.

Allo is able to offer a wide range of hardware at affordable prices because they do everything in-house. Product and hardware design, R&D, engineering and manufacturing all occur in their own facility. Allo owns its own Surface Mount Technology lines where each product is born and shipped from its factory after passing QC.

Their mission is to always offer the current technology at affordable prices.

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