MoPi: Mobile Pi Power (Stackable Version)


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MoPi is mobile and 24/7 power for the Pi. On your bike, up a tree, or for your home server: we’ve got you covered.


  • multiple inputs — standard batteries, car power sockets, old laptop supplies, solar panels, and more… all attachable via standard screw terminals
  • hot-swap power replacement without stopping work
  • shutdown the Pi cleanly when batteries discharge
  • integrated on/off switch
  • usable as a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) by attaching both batteries and mains
  • on-board LED indicators and on screen linux system notifications
  • configuration of multiple battery chemistries and number of cells from a UI on the Pi
  • full API in Python, plus a shell-friendly command-line interface
  • stackable headers allowing connections of multiple boards at once (e.g. MoPi + XLoBorg, or MoPi + AirPi, or etc.).
  • PCB remoting pads for the power switch
  • self-resetting fuse for over-current protection
  • two-way communication via the I2C bus
  • remote power-off: tell MoPi to power down the Pi when logged-in remotely (after a clean shutdown, of course)
  • timer-based wake-up: tell MoPi what time you want your Pi to wakeup, then power it down and MoPi will boot the Pi as requested
  • 3.3V supply mod: swap three resistors and supply 3.3V, overpowering the Pi’s on-board regulator and saving the power that is dissipated there, for weight and battery life critical applications like ballooning
  • wide input voltage range: 6.2V to 20V
  • designed in Sheffield, made in Europe, used all over the world

Choose between stackable and low-profile GPIO headers (if you want to fit your MoPi into tight spaces, you want a low-profile header; if you want to stack MoPi with other Pi add-on boards, then you want a stackable header).

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Note: DO NOT plug MoPi onto your Pi while the Pi is powered up!


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